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Embrace Your Nerdness Day!

It's Geekness Day on July 13. This year I've decided to embrace my nerdness with you.

Embrace Your Geekness Day is a great day to be a Geek. Or, to know a Geek. Some people view the term "Geek" with a negative connotation. Are they jealous of your knowledge and skills, perhaps? I consider myself a nerd rather than a geek. I just don't like the G-word. Not that I am fat, spend all the time in front of a computer and love Star Trek (btw, I don't like Star Trek at all, I'd rather chill with His Dudeness, Duder, El Duderino). My nerdness is individual, as the nerdness of every single one of us is. Nevertheless, I think I'm too white and nerdy

Confident introvert. Quiet, but not shy. Loves learning. Omnivorous reader. Selective nerd.

Fading Suns

I was born on 480110400 UNIX time. During my teen years I used to play RPG a lot. I still remember fighting in the ranks of elves during the great War of Wrath, meeting shady Netrunners on dirty streets of LA hacking second-hand cyber-modifications, running from the monolithic Holy Church, crossing Jumpgates not knowing what will be on the other side"¦ I did it all.

While I was growing up, my inner nerd grew up with me. It needed more exciting things, more demanding challenges and a lot more attention. It pulled me to where I am now. And here begins my most recent nerdy story.

Raspberry Pi


For over a year now I am a proud owner of two Raspberry Pis that have helped me a lot in understanding not only electronics but, most importantly, Linux. This same blog was first served on one of my Raspberries. Thanks to the Pi I now have my home almost fully automated. From light switching, through water heating, temperature log, to surveillance system, name it - I have it, built it myself, soldered on my own (burning myself several times, but who haven't?). Why have I done all this when there are cheaper and more professional implementations out there? Simple: Because I can.

[![Improving my remote socket setup.](https://blog.onetwentyseven001.com/content/images/2014/07/setup1a.jpg)](https://blog.onetwentyseven001.com/content/images/2014/07/setup1a.jpg)
Improving my remote socket control setup.
### More adult approach with Debian

Debian Evolution

As I've mentioned the Pi let me understand and comprehend Linux system administration. Now, apart from serving this blog, I have a lot of behind curtains stuff going on on my server, which, by the way, I've built myself (and it makes me very proud of myself) as well and runs Debian wheezy Linux. Among others, I administer my own home network consisting of four Linux and two Windows (ugh!) machines centralized CUPS server, I serve three database servers (JavaDB, MySQL, Oracle Database XE), automated update centre for my Java Desktop Applications, serve my private cloud with OwnCloud, but, most of all, learn the art of Linux. Most of the work I do on my machines I do without window managers. I also love the CLI, makes me feel more nerdy, gives me a feeling of freedom and lets do the job without distractions. Someone said that

The command line isn't an old technology, its just an alternative one that happened to be invented first.

I fully sign under the statement. Somehow I find it easier to navigate system with keyboard, aliases and functions rather than mouse clicks. Even web browsing seems better with lynx!

Apart from self built server and two (third is on it's way! and I guess more will be coming"¦) Raspberry Pis, I have an amazing and reliable Dell Latitude D820 with Debian on board. This old(ish) machine outlived two modern Asus machines and one Toshiba. Although it's not a first date laptop, I wouldn't change it on any other model. For me, this is the ultimate personal computer I proudly own.

Nerdness: Legacy

To be really honest, all this wouldn't happen without my father. He is the wizard who introduced me to computer magic. I can still remember times back when I was just a kid spent with one of the first computers in my area - a good old i486 based machine running DOS, Windows 3.1 having a massive 20MB HDD, 5¼-inch floppy disk drive. It was fun to explore OS with my father. He himself is a good programmer who 'pushed' me into coding and the world of Linux. And although I did most of the things myself, I owe him a lot. He is my inspiration, his work a goal to achieve. Thanks to my father I wrote two Java Desktop Applications implementing JavaDB and Oracle XE databases that are now being used out there, in real world, not only hidden in the realms of my home.

It was not only about computers. My dad showed me the world of science. Till today I love astronomy, black holes, string theory. The idea of the vastness of our Universe makes me awe and bow to the ungovernable and extraordinary design. And though we're now separated by English Channel and several thousand miles, we keep in touch and share our findings.

But it's not all about computers!

As I've mentioned at the beginning, I am not a computer nerd only. And this is not a photo of me.

perfekcyjna niedoskonalosc

In fact, my nerdness goes further. I very much enjoy reading. I consider myself an omnivorous reader. I love science fiction, most of which novels by Jacek Dukaj whose pen is magnificent. His worlds embedded in alternative world history are very complex, plot intelligent and unexpected, language extraordinary, making me shiver and devour his words over and over again.

Apart from reading,  I am a writer myself. Since I was a teen I've been writing short stories and poems. I got involved with several poetic groups back in my country of origin, took part in few slams, and been managing two blogs with my pieces of work - one in my native language - Slowa Niezapisane, the other sister site in English - The Unwritten Words. I love writing, creating my own worlds, abstract beings, coining words, playing with meanings. I don't remember how it all begun, I think I've been doing poetry since I was born.

I also love music. I listen to various artists. I dig jazz, rock, blues. I love listening to Carina Round, The White Stripes, The Doors, Tool and everything James Maynard Keenan does, Tori Amos, Saul Williams. I like Einstürzende Neubauten, Skinny Puppy, Dead Can Dance, Skalpel, Wim Mertens. But the one band that makes me scream of passion is


There's not an album, not a song, not a movie with Trent Reznor's contribution I don't know about. His music, lyrics, visual aids are the cry and song of my soul.


To enjoy the music, I set up quite a HiFi system. I own two AV Yamaha receivers, amazing Hyundai speakers, Mission subwoofer - all connected with each other by a vast cable network. I also use one Raspberry Pi as MPD server to listen to my tunes with great sound quality.

Far beyond

This is just a small part of my nerdness. I guess it would take me a whole lot more to grasp it all. Enjoy the Geeknes Day! What geeks you on?

Bart Bania

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