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LCD display with RPi and room temperature

Some time ago, I've bought a Nokia 5110 LCD display. I didn't have much time to play with it, until this week. Since yesterday, I've been exploring the PCD8544 library for the display, and thanks to Xavier Berger's RPi Monitor app and his bits of code, I've created my own project.

This consists of two applications that display my Raspberry's and room temperature:

The Hardware

For this project, I've used:

The setup

The PCD8544 and Digital Thermometer can be installed in the breadboard as shown in the drawing bellow:

rpimonitor breadboard

Note: If you want to reproduce this assembly, check carefully the pin order, it may be different, as the PCD8455 board pinning differs from model to model. The one is based on the LCD from eBay link above.

Note: For the 1- Wire Digital Thermometer Sensor setup, head HERE.


The software

First of all, you have to install RPi-monitor to make the Python script work with your LCD screen. To do so, head to Xavier Berger's git repository and follow instructions there. Next, install Python library for PCD8544 LCD from github and follow instructions from my previous post on the LCD.

Having installed the back-end, for the application, here comes the code for Raspberry Pi and room temperature!

Head to **my github repository **and

git clone

onto your Raspberry Pi. Enter the LCD-Monitor directory:

cd /path/to/your/LCD-Monitor

and run either the RPi-Monitor based app:

sudo python

or the standalone app:

sudo python

To run the app in background, add '&' ('and' symbol) after the terminal command. To stop it, type fg, hit [Enter] and [Ctrl] + C.

If you did everything well, you should see the screen display temperatures!

RPi-Monitor connected application:


Standalone application:

Follow up:

LCD Display with Raspberry Pi (Part I)

LCD Monitor (Part III)

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