Use Command Line Faster

Every Linux user knows how powerful the command line is, especially when you manage servers. And if you have to deal with the command line frequently, it is very important to work efficiently and quickly. Here are some tips I know that would allow you to work faster with the

SSH into Blackberry OS10

I own a BlackBerry Q10. It's an amazing smartphone. I've owned two Blackberries in the past. The good old Curve 8520 and a decent, but not that great, Torch 9800. On the way I got my hands on Samsung Galaxy Nexus, probably driven to Android by curiosity, but got back

Funny And Useless Linux Command

It can never be said enough: the terminal is a very powerful tool, and is probably the most interesting part of Unix systems. Among the vastness of useful commands and scripts that you can use and make your work easier, some seem to be less practical, if not completely useless.

Consolify your Gmail with MUTT

"All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less." - Michael  R. Elkins, ca 1995 Mutt is one of the best email clients ever created. The only disadvantage is that it is text based only, and that doesn't help in the Icons/Windows/Tablet era. In fact, it

Setting up Raspberry Pi to display on PC (serial connection)

After three hours of cursing, I've finally managed to connect to my RPi via serial port. The problem was a confusing description on my TTL adapter I've bought on eBay. It is a USB To RS232 TTL PL2303HX Converter Module that was cheap, compared to similar items sold on eBay


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