Google Alarm Clock goes JAVA

During the past few months I've been doing a lot of Java programming. A great opportunity occurred for me to actually grasp a new programming language. It was even more fascinating, as it didn't involve the ubiquitous in the Internet sphere 'learning to code' approach, i.e., take a course,

Security Paranoia - Google Authenticator For SSH

If you want to secure your Linux machine from attacks you should change the default fort number for services such as SSH, FTP or your web server. While this is a good practice if you're extremely paranoid, there still have to be another ways of doing this. Indeed, there are.

Raspberry Pi Alarm Clock

Google Alarm Clock v.1.0

A month ago, I've played with Google Calendar API, creating, or rather adjusting a Google Calendar Alarm Clock for Raspberry Pi. Today, I've finally found time in my head to tune the application. I've githubbed the application, brushed the code a bit, but most of all, I've created a separate


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