Raspberry Pi - Simple Home Security System

Or Whatever This Might Be Useful for. Playing with my PiFace, I've decided to get it to a next level and create something that might be of a practical use. A £25-ish add-on board shouldn't be used just for switching LEDs on and off. That would be a waste of

PiFace - The Digital Unknown

NOTE: Mind that the article has been written half a year ago, there might be changes to documentation and resources. E.g. now, PiFace Python libraries are included by default in Raspbian. Moreover, what is written here is purely my own opinion and has nothing to do with Pi officials.

Pico PiDuino

Last week I've stumbled upon a great post about Arduino-like device - Pico PiDuino - by Gadgetoid. It is a really minature breadboard Atmel ATmega processor setup, allowing you to explore and learn a bit about the Arduino programming environment. To be honest, to make your own the Pico PiDuino

LCD Monitor

I've enhanced a bit my LCD screen project. I've changed few things and moved the components from breadboard onto Humble Pi add-on board so it is starting to look better: After soldering all the components onto the Humble Pi (magnificent add-on board!), I am now able to put the project

LCD display with RPi and room temperature

Some time ago, I've bought a Nokia 5110 LCD display. I didn't have much time to play with it, until this week. Since yesterday, I've been exploring the PCD8544 library for the display, and thanks to Xavier Berger's RPi Monitor app and his bits of code, I've created my own


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