Security Checklist for Linux System

I don't really know why this subject is routinely ignored by users regardless of device or OS. Everyone seems to be concerned with their own security, but it all ends merely on complaining and blaming others, not ourselves. Maintaining security of an operating system is one of the primary responsibilities

Raspberry Pi: fail2ban (Security - Part III)

As I have mentioned before, fail2ban is a daemon that scans defined log files and bans IPs that show the malicious signs "” too many password failures, seeking for exploits, etc. It is a must tool, especially if you would want to allow ssh access from outside your local network.

Raspberry Pi: iptables (Security - Part II)

Iptables The firewall configuration, especially if you're a beginner in Linux, may seem tricky and difficult to understand. But once you've grasped the basics of commands, you can write your own script instead of using ready ones, which not always may be correct for your needs. If any of the


Just few hours after making my Raspberry Pi visible to the world, i.e. creating web server, I've noticed that my device is being attacked from the outside world. Running cat /var/log/auth.log  | grep Failed command, revealed numerous attempts to get into my server using random logins, such


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