Google Alarm Clock v.1.0

A month ago, I've played with Google Calendar API, creating, or rather adjusting a Google Calendar Alarm Clock for Raspberry Pi. Today, I've finally found time in my head to tune the application. I've githubbed the application, brushed the code a bit, but most of all, I've created a separate

LCD Monitor

I've enhanced a bit my LCD screen project. I've changed few things and moved the components from breadboard onto Humble Pi add-on board so it is starting to look better: After soldering all the components onto the Humble Pi (magnificent add-on board!), I am now able to put the project

LCD display with RPi and room temperature

Some time ago, I've bought a Nokia 5110 LCD display. I didn't have much time to play with it, until this week. Since yesterday, I've been exploring the PCD8544 library for the display, and thanks to Xavier Berger's RPi Monitor app and his bits of code, I've created my own

LCD Display with Raspberry Pi

Here's another GPIO connected post. Previously I've written about my GPIO plans, and my first electronics small project - Tux Crossing. Now it's time for something bigger. I've bought myself a Nokia 5110 LCD display on eBay, with the intention of visualizing my RPi data. Here's how I got it


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