Secure New MySQL Installation

After installing MySQL, it's important that you secure the installation by a) removing anonymous accounts and b) setting a password on the admin account. This can be done with mysqladmin or with direct SQL queries. I prefer the SQL queries so that's what I'll show here. Start mysql command line

Simple Automated MySQL Backup with gpg

I've been bad. Until recently I haven't been backing up my MySQL database. Bad things could have happened. About a month ago I hacked up a simple script to run from cron that will automatically dump, gzip, encrypt using my key gpg (I wrote an extensive post on gpg which

MySQL root password reset

You've managed to forget your root login for your MySQL database and are now stuck? No worries, I will show you in easy steps, how to reset root password on  MySQL database. Remember this: MySQL root password is not the same as the system root password. If you haven't set


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