Pydio - self hosted cloud storage

The most popular self-hosted storage out there is, without doubt, Owncloud. Until recently, I've been using it quite extensively, mostly because of the "security" it provides - all the files are stored on my own server to which only I have exclusive access. Owncloud is great, but I've noticed over

Remote Home

or: how I've decided to move all the switches into my tablet. I've been exploring the possibilities of creating a home automation system using Raspberry Pi. It seems a great experience to do something like that on your own, not just buy special equipment (which is rather expensive). Since I've

Got bored with webserver, or: Playing with the GPIO

I'm hosting a website on my Pi. This website. That's cool. I do quite a lot of Linux server administration practice, learning BASH, Python"¦ The RPi works fine, manages connection flow nicely, even though the root partition is on a rather slow Kingston USB drive. The Pi works 24/7


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