Pydio - self hosted cloud storage

The most popular self-hosted storage out there is, without doubt, Owncloud. Until recently, I've been using it quite extensively, mostly because of the "security" it provides - all the files are stored on my own server to which only I have exclusive access. Owncloud is great, but I've

Remote Home

or: how I've decided to move all the switches into my tablet. I've been exploring the possibilities of creating a home automation system using Raspberry Pi. It seems a great experience to do something like that on your own, not just buy special equipment (which is rather expensive). Since I've

Got bored with webserver, or: Playing with the GPIO

I'm hosting a website on my Pi. This website. That's cool. I do quite a lot of Linux server administration practice, learning BASH, Python"¦ The RPi works fine, manages connection flow nicely, even though the root partition is on a rather slow Kingston USB drive. The Pi works 24/

Deploying Node JS with lighttpd

When playing around with Bitters, I wanted to serve the node.js application on a system port (80). For sure it is no good idea to run the node app as root (as it is always no good idea to run web accessible apps as root!), therefore we set up


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