10 commandments for Linux users

I was browsing the web and I found The 10 Commandments for Linux Users that might be useful for new Linux users. Before I get to my thoughts on them, lets just read the commandments: and the ROOT user did speak 1. Thou shalt not log in as root. Use

So, you've bought a Pi. Now what?! BASH-ing

You've spent the $20-something on the Raspberry plus few additional bucks on peripherals, such as mains charger, HDMI/RCA/Ethernet cable, mouse, keyboard, extra hardware to build your automated cat feeder, Pi-Radio You could've done that by buying professional (I mean branded and specially built for that purpose) in almost


Just few hours after making my Raspberry Pi visible to the world, i.e. creating web server, I've noticed that my device is being attacked from the outside world. Running cat /var/log/auth.log  | grep Failed command, revealed numerous attempts to get into my server using random logins, such


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