Raspberry Pi: iptables (Security - Part II)

Iptables The firewall configuration, especially if you're a beginner in Linux, may seem tricky and difficult to understand. But once you've grasped the basics of commands, you can write your own script instead of using ready ones, which not always may be correct for your needs. If any of the

So, you've bought a Pi. Now what?! BASH-ing

You've spent the $20-something on the Raspberry plus few additional bucks on peripherals, such as mains charger, HDMI/RCA/Ethernet cable, mouse, keyboard, extra hardware to build your automated cat feeder, Pi-Radio You could've done that by buying professional (I mean branded and specially built for that purpose) in almost

Lighty Traffic

Google Analytics and WordPress Jetpack provide data on traffic getting to your website. Yet, not always are they real-time hit statistics. I wanted to get the accurate data on my server visits, so I've decided to implement into my lighttpd a mod to present the data. Rrdtool module seems to


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