Simple Automated MySQL Backup with gpg

I've been bad. Until recently I haven't been backing up my MySQL database. Bad things could have happened. About a month ago I hacked up a simple script to run from cron that will automatically dump, gzip, encrypt using my key gpg (I wrote an extensive post on gpg which

Alternative way to flash your Raspberry Pi OS

Did you ever want to flash your root partition straight to USB stick/HDD/SDD instead of first dd-ing it onto SD Card and then coping it again onto another media? I got bored of the double work that is provided by RPi geeks. Yeah, it's fine if you're a

The Importance of Backups

Few years ago, blogging service JournalSpace has been completely wiped out after the drives that housed their entire database were overwritten. The problem was that their backups weren't actually backups at all. The servers were set up with a mirrored RAID system so that if the primary drive should fail


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