More of xrandr or blue light exposure

Recently I come across a website that claims blue light affects your sleep. This is especially useful when you work on your computer late at night and are exposed to unnatural for the time of the day light. Once you decrease the "sun" light during late hours you

A quick note on xrandr

I've been playing today with TwinView on my laptop as I have an unused, old-ish Dell screen lying around with no use (have been using it for initial setup of my home server) and decided to make use of it. I come across a post saying to add 'static' configuraion

Using Command Line like a boss with screen

Hopefully, if you are using Linux command line, you've heard of screen. And if you've heard of it, chances are, you're already using it. I've wrote about one usage of screen on my previous blog post, explaining how to use it to access your Raspberry Pi via serial connection. Now,


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