Google Alarm Clock goes JAVA

During the past few months I've been doing a lot of Java programming. A great opportunity occurred for me to actually grasp a new programming language. It was even more fascinating, as it didn't involve the ubiquitous in the Internet sphere 'learning to code' approach, i.e., take a course,

Using VIM Text Editor

Text editors are programs used to create or edit files. One of the most popular editors on Linux/Unix systems (also available for other platforms) is vim. Though it does take some time getting use to, this easy to follow HowTo will walk you through the essentials of using vim.

Mount a Windows Partition in Linux Using fstab

If you have dual-boot on your computer, you might realize you can use the same applications (or configuration/cachce/data direcotries) across installed operating systems without the need of configuring them separately. This is a frequent scenario across my systems. I needed to create a symlink from my main system


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