Python SSH gateway in Docker container

Python SSH gateway in Docker container

I've created a small, portable and lightweight Docker container acting as an SSH gateway to your remote hosts. It may be useful especially if you have a lot of remote machines you manage and use more than one local machine to connect to them. The Docker imageĀ is based on

A quick note on xrandr

I've been playing today with TwinView on my laptop as I have an unused, old-ish Dell screen lying around with no use (have been using it for initial setup of my home server) and decided to make use of it. I come across a post saying to add 'static' configuraion

Raspberry Pi Watchdog Timer

Soon I'm going for holidays and leave my Pi on its own. Thus, I made some precautions in case it froze (though after almost a month with it, I never had such a problem, but never say never). I've found a great tool, that would reboot my machine after it


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